World Famous?

So I’d just like to say thanks so far to all the people who have looked at my blog. I honestly didn’t think anyone would be interested. Or maybe people are just creepers (Thanks Facebook!)

Anyway, I was looking at my stats yesterday and saw that 34 people looked at my blog on July 29th and 2 looked on it on July 30th. This was at 8pm. I got really excited. I thought I was connecting to people in the future! (maybe I’m more of a wizard than I thought) But then I remembered: I have friends in other countries who are several hours ahead of the US. So not quite as cool as time travel, but knowing my blog is international is pretty nifty.

With the Olympics going on I’m missing London more than ever. It’s been over a year since I left after having studied abroad. There is really nothing I can say I don’t miss. Growing up the child of an Irish immigrant made London seem more comfortable (I was definitely one of the few Americans that already loved beans on toast). The funny thing is, despite my mom being an immigrant, she’s not exactly worldly.

Now I love my mom. She thinks she’s Mary Poppins and I have to admit, she’s pretty damn close. But being the conservative Catholic she is, sometimes she comes across a bit prudish.

For example:

One of my mom’s oldest friends is a lesbian. She loves her like a sister and they grew up together. But still, whenever she says they word “lesbian” she has to whisper.

And today, I had an appointment with a new doctor. On the way there ,my mom told me that he was very Catholic (figures she’d pick a doctor with a Bible in the waiting room) but she also told me that he was Egyptian… about a hundred times. In reality, the fact that my doctor is Egyptian is no surprised. My surgeon is Indian and my other doctor is Jewish. Sorry about the stereotypes, but generally plain old Christian Europeans tend not to be the majority in the medical field. Anyway, I thought my mom was just being her sheltered self but then I walked into the exam room.

Holy Tutankhamun, Batman!

The walls were covered in gold decorated plates and papyrus paintings of pharaohs and sphinxes.

That’s the last time I underestimate someone’s devotion to their culture in their professional lives.

A Wizard of Sorts…

Every time I tell people I’m getting my masters in Library and Information Science, my dad yells at me.

“You’re not a librarian! You’re a digital archivist.”

My dad thinks librarians are lame. No offense to librarians out there but he’s kinda right. But that didn’t stop me from getting sexy librarian glasses as soon as I enrolled in the program.

My new glasses

When people picture a librarian, they either picture a little of biddy with horn-rimmed glasses, a musty cardigan and a grimace…. or something out of a porno. (For the record, I’m totally feeding off of the sexy librarian role-play idea and I’m starting my own series of librarian-themed romance novels. Take that E.L. James). An archivist on the other hand, as my dad has told me several times, sounds like a wizard. I will be, with any luck, the master of manuscripts and the sole person standing between a historian and his/her precious artifact.

On a more basic level, an archivist is a history major with OCD.

I’m lucky I discovered archiving as a career. I graduated with a BA in English and History. In other words, I decided that reading 4 books a week wasn’t enough,and that I needed to read 8 books a week. Hence why the library became my home. You can pick out an English or History major a mile away because they’re the ones with hunched backs, bloodshot eyes, carrying 12 books that they THINK they’ll finish by the weekend but the truth is they’ll be crying in a corner Sunday night wishing they majored in Biology instead.

<;3 Jay and Grant





And to all those bio majors out there, yes I understand your major is hard and your coursework grueling, but after a while I wished I had spent 10 hours in a lab instead of begrudgingly trying to avoid my roommates and missing a marathon of Ghost Hunters so I could read.





Anyway… with apparently two useless majors (as countless friends, relatives and professors have told me) I felt stuck. I always got the question, “Are you going to be a professor?” and after a few scare tactics courtesy of the English Department I decided to run screaming in the other direction. So with no options in sight, I turned to any questioning mind’s favorite source. Google.

Yes it’s true, I decided on my path in life after typing in “what to do with and English and History major” into the search box. Technology is awesome right?

So here I am, 21 years old (and taking full advantage of the fact that I can provide myself with an endless supply of wine) and I’m ready to embark on the supposed final stretch of my education. In reality, I will probably go on to get a second masters in Victorian Studies because I’m that much of a dork, but I’ll ignore that fact. For now I’m just celebrating not having to take the GRE’s, finally finding a place to live near school that doesn’t smell like sewage and leaving behind a few people who are really getting on my nerves (drama drama drama).

The goal now is to obtain as many internships as possible (with pay, but who can be so lucky it seems) and make crazy good connections. Oh, and of course make myself a regular at the local Irish pub.

Not Family Friendly: A Blog of My Own

I’ve been writing blogs for a while. Just not for myself.

It started off as as a way to appease the chair of the history department at my undergrad college. She wanted a journal of my internship and I was too lazy to go out and buy a notebook.

My first blog… so sophisticated eh?

The second blog I wrote was for my actual internship. I wrote about artifacts, events and exhibits that the historical society was putting on. Interesting but a pain in the neck to get all the information just right.

The third and most current blog (besides this one of course) is for my summer internship. When I first created the blog for the birthplace of a certain famous poet, I thought I would be writing about the actual poet. No, no, no. I’m writing about all the random events they hold. And to get the information it’s like herding cats. Each blog can take up to several days to get all the information straight, especially since it changes every five minutes. Just like the staff here.

So lo and behold, I’m writing my own damn blog. I will write about the fact that Walt Whitman was a sassy gay man, I will not request feedback, I will use whatever transitional words I want and I will NOT repeat the title of the blog in the actual post. That’s a rookie mistake.

Anyway, so here’s a blog about surviving as an archiving student (which is kinda a fancy way of saying I’m a history nerd with job potential).