As someone who loved to mix social media with the assumed dusty and ancient world of archiving and libraries, this article really hits home. It’s amazing how, in every way, big companies shut little companies out. If anything, this is a cyber version of what is going on in our country.

Agnostic, Maybe

If your library has a Facebook page and uses it for outreach, you need to read this article from the Dangerous Minds website. There really isn’t a good quote to pull out the meaning, so take a moment to go and read it. The basics revolve around Facebook monetizing page promotion while simultaneously throttling the amount of people who can see a post from a Facebook page. In short, if you want your page posts to reach your entire audience, you have to pay.

The free ride is over.

I can’t really fault Facebook for making a change like this; their investors want dividends and what drives that is revenue. The amount of things you can do with Facebook for free still makes it valuable for other purposes like keeping in touch with far away family members and friends. It does, however, feel slightly at odds with the ‘

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I don’t know why it’s called Library “Science” when it’s more of a guessing game


I’m Krystal Thomas, digital archivist with Special Collections at Florida State University. I am new in my position, just starting this past summer. I am not new to the world of digital collections, but as I have learned quickly in my new position, each institution has its own processes and procedures for handling its digital collections over time. As my days are still finding their rhythm, I thought it would be more useful on this the Day of Digital Archives to share some of my lessons learned on starting a new position and learning a new institution’s ups and downs with digital projects.

Florida State University has had active digital collections for a decade and more at this point. During that time, many people and departments have influenced and been involved in the development, publication, and preservation of digital items, which is wonderful and I am happy to see the…

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I am currently at my job at the Digitization Center in the Special Collections at one of my school’s libraries and I have not yet had any coffee today. In short, I am suffering. If there is anyone out there that can read this and deliver coffee, please do so soon… after all, this message may arrive too late.