If You’re Already Sick of Christmas Music…

… try these songs on for size! While I myself am NEVER sick of Christmas music, many out there (many whom work in retail) would rather saw their arm off with the metal part of pencil eraser (called a ferrule, actually) than have to listen to Christmas music anymore. Well to those who want a little something else, listen to these songs listed in this mixtape put out by FlavorWire.

10 Best Songs About Libraries and Librarians


Calling all Muggles and Hobbits, It’s Election Day!

I know this may alienate some readers, but I’m passionate about fighting for equal rights no matter gender, orientation, creed or culture.

Just remember, if you vote for Romney, Gandalf and Dumbledore will be sad.

Don’t disappoint the Wizards

Wizards for Obama





Bonfire, anyone?

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

The mustachioed man himself.

Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t a revolutionary looking to rid England of a supposedly tyrannical parliament, but was actually a super conservative Catholic who just hated on the Protestants and wanted to put the Catholic king back in place. Not exactly someone who represents liberation from an unjust system. But anyway, we still like V for Vendetta and bonfires (who doesn’t like bonfires besides Smokey the Bear?) so here is a post dedicated to Guy Fawkes, the crazy conservative with the stylish mustache.



Guy Fawkes’ Confession at the National Archives, UK
Cracked Article on what certain lauded Revolutionary figures actually stood for.

Guy Fawkes included.