I’m going to need more wine…

Finals are just around the corner. Stock up on the good stuff and brace yourselves…


Calling all Muggles and Hobbits, It’s Election Day!

I know this may alienate some readers, but I’m passionate about fighting for equal rights no matter gender, orientation, creed or culture.

Just remember, if you vote for Romney, Gandalf and Dumbledore will be sad.

Don’t disappoint the Wizards

Wizards for Obama





Zombies and Librarians

I know Halloween is over, but the interest in (and threat of) a Zombie Apocalypse is ever present. But am I writing about zombies on my particular blog, you may ask? Well, for a class project we are currently working on we needed to  create an Annotated Bibliography for a reference need. Many groups in the class chose things such as a high school class that needs sources for a paper on American wars, or looking lessons for the new chef. However, being the coolest group (we planned the weekly library class happy hour, after all) we decided that a common reference need is to know how to survive a zombie-virus outbreak.

So  if you’re interested in Information Access/Reference projects, zombies, or librarians being chased by zombies in a library, check out this blog. But please keep in mind, it is still currently a work in progress, but it will be perfected and updated frequently. We also plan to continue it after the project/presentation is due.