Not Family Friendly: A Blog of My Own

I’ve been writing blogs for a while. Just not for myself.

It started off as as a way to appease the chair of the history department at my undergrad college. She wanted a journal of my internship and I was too lazy to go out and buy a notebook.

My first blog… so sophisticated eh?

The second blog I wrote was for my actual internship. I wrote about artifacts, events and exhibits that the historical society was putting on. Interesting but a pain in the neck to get all the information just right.

The third and most current blog (besides this one of course) is for my summer internship. When I first created the blog for the birthplace of a certain famous poet, I thought I would be writing about the actual poet. No, no, no. I’m writing about all the random events they hold. And to get the information it’s like herding cats. Each blog can take up to several days to get all the information straight, especially since it changes every five minutes. Just like the staff here.

So lo and behold, I’m writing my own damn blog. I will write about the fact that Walt Whitman was a sassy gay man, I will not request feedback, I will use whatever transitional words I want and I will NOT repeat the title of the blog in the actual post. That’s a rookie mistake.

Anyway, so here’s a blog aboutĀ survivingĀ as an archiving student (which is kinda a fancy way of saying I’m a history nerd with job potential).