Dressing the Part

I think it’s time to say goodbye to American Eagle sweatshirts and witty Threadless tshirts. I’m no longer an undergrad, meaning i can’t get away going to the dining hall in my pj pants and university sweatshirt. I need to look like a functioning adult, not a like the squatters who sat in front of the coffee shop on Main Street New Paltz (though it is definitely a more comfortable way of living).

So in honor of realizing that I’ll need some spiffy professional outfits for internships and adult life, here are some wise words from the most fabulously dressed writer in history:

I need to get myself a purple velvet cape

Hola to Ernesto, and Remembering Irene

It is currently raining out. A Lot. Apparently Tropical Storm Ernesto decided to visit and is flooding the crap out of anything and everything. I saw a Dodge Challenger try to clear the sunken part of the road under a bridge and manage to submerge its entire nose. People didn’t seem to think of anything following suit but I decided to take a detour because, you know, I really don’t feel like turning my car into a not-so-air-tight water vessel.

This rain and massive flooding really brings back memories to my last fall semester in college. Hurricane Irene decided to kick the shit out of New Paltz….

New Paltz the day before Irene

New Paltz the day after Irene. This is a road and a sunflower/corn field by the way.

… and drowned my apartment while doing so. We are currently wearing rubber shoes in this shot because we realized that walking through water while the power line was down behind the building probably wasn’t the safest thing.

So we ended up moving into the laundry room for our first day of classes, having to take shifts on baby-sitting all of our worldly possessions and fending off angry apartment-dwellers who NEEDED to use that EXACT laundry room instead of the other three in the complex.

Kinda homey, isn’t it?

In the end it made for some great memories. Watching pumpkins flow down the river along with tubes and kayakers, collecting flood corn, “I Survived Irene t-shirts” and living with our hospitable friends for several weeks while we waited for another apartment. It was definitely an interesting start to my senior year of college though I hope things are a little smoother this fall semester.

But anyway, the rain is slowing down here so it looks like Ernesto is hardly anything to worry about (though why my mom found it absolutely necessary to travel the flooded streets during the thick of it to get her nails done, I’ll never know).