Emerging from the Depths of Archiving School

Contrary to popular belief, I have not been kidnapped by angry reference patrons nor have I fell onto the metro tracks during my weekly hustle to my internship.

I have returned with a new perspective into the life of a graduate student and what life is like when you live and breathe library-related ridiculousness. However, at this moment, I am do to walk to “class,” today which consists of touring the building in which I in fact work. Thrilling. Unfortunately, this is the most thrilling this particular class is going to get considering the professor has not worked in a archive related field since 1995, his “digitization” examples come from the 1970’s and he often speaks of the way things were in the National Archives when Reagan was president (who, for the record, was not in office during my life time).

Fret not, though. I have this little treat:



Do I Spy a Glimmer of Hope?

Good news! Finally!!!!

I got a call asking me to interview for a Graduate Assistantship for Collections Access!

Of course I wont be moved down until a few days AFTER they wanted to schedule the interview so I am cursed with another phone interview. Now I did manage to win over one interview team over the phone but I wasn’t so lucky with a second. And as much as I am thrilled to be archiving the office of a certain politician, I NEED this assistantship. Health insurance, a stipend and (the best part) tuition remission? It means a world of a difference as I’m sure all of you college grads and graduate students know. To be educated is to be poor these days. Hopefully it eventually pays (literally) to have two pieces of paper after thousands and thousands of dollars are spent.

The interview is next week, wish me luck!!!