World Famous?

So I’d just like to say thanks so far to all the people who have looked at my blog. I honestly didn’t think anyone would be interested. Or maybe people are just creepers (Thanks Facebook!)

Anyway, I was looking at my stats yesterday and saw that 34 people looked at my blog on July 29th and 2 looked on it on July 30th. This was at 8pm. I got really excited. I thought I was connecting to people in the future! (maybe I’m more of a wizard than I thought) But then I remembered: I have friends in other countries who are several hours ahead of the US. So not quite as cool as time travel, but knowing my blog is international is pretty nifty.

With the Olympics going on I’m missing London more than ever. It’s been over a year since I left after having studied abroad. There is really nothing I can say I don’t miss. Growing up the child of an Irish immigrant made London seem more comfortable (I was definitely one of the few Americans that already loved beans on toast). The funny thing is, despite my mom being an immigrant, she’s not exactly worldly.

Now I love my mom. She thinks she’s Mary Poppins and I have to admit, she’s pretty damn close. But being the conservative Catholic she is, sometimes she comes across a bit prudish.

For example:

One of my mom’s oldest friends is a lesbian. She loves her like a sister and they grew up together. But still, whenever she says they word “lesbian” she has to whisper.

And today, I had an appointment with a new doctor. On the way there ,my mom told me that he was very Catholic (figures she’d pick a doctor with a Bible in the waiting room) but she also told me that he was Egyptian… about a hundred times. In reality, the fact that my doctor is Egyptian is no surprised. My surgeon is Indian and my other doctor is Jewish. Sorry about the stereotypes, but generally plain old Christian Europeans tend not to be the majority in the medical field. Anyway, I thought my mom was just being her sheltered self but then I walked into the exam room.

Holy Tutankhamun, Batman!

The walls were covered in gold decorated plates and papyrus paintings of pharaohs and sphinxes.

That’s the last time I underestimate someone’s devotion to their culture in their professional lives.